Andergast is a formidable stone keep in the borderlands. Its exact location and origins are unknown as with most things in the Outlands, but most bloods would tell you that it’s “far” from civilization before advising you not to go there.

The keep is an outpost for the Baatezu as it guards the backdoor into Baator. That makes it a primary target for the Tanar’ri and all their friends (yes I know, the Tanar’ri don’t really keep friends). It doesn’t help that the barmy cartographers had a bad sense of humor and gave everything the nomiker “…of Chaos.” The elders say the name was to aid their catalogue system, but I digress.

Baatezu high command must of realized this weakness and have devoted a few (very few) resources to populate the outpost. A heavy recruitment campaign in the nearby collection of towns (known as The Realm) has lead to a few adventurers traveling to the remote outpost.


Volkwin – Castellan
Jurgen – Innkeeper
Rodwyr – Curate
Edwyrk – Captain of the Watch
Alorn – Taverner
Tomas – Provisioner
Tagan – Smith
Toadell – Banker
Sara and Fen – Men at Arms


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