Planescape - Blood War

A Short Story

Session 3 - Day 8

Things are looking up!

One day a bard named Marx and a ranger named Oskar came to Andergast. They hire Fen and Sara to accompany them into the forest. There they find a strange cave with an angry brown bear. They kill it and return to Andergast victorious and many silver coins richer.

The Caves of Chaos.

The duo set out again, but with Fen and Sara drinking the day away with their reward they must hire a fresh band of Men-At-Arms. They return to the cave, but they lose their nerve and retreat.

They decide to find the Caves of Chaos. Utilizing the rumors from the tavern, they find the dreaded cave system. They think it best to head back to Andergast and seek help.

When returning to Andergast they encounter a pack of Vorr. Unwilling to sacrifice their Men-At-Arms to the Vorr, they are attacked. Only the Man-At-Arms, Burtham, and one other Man-At-Arms survives to tell the tale.


Darksier Darksier

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