Planescape - Blood War

A Lesson on Traps

Session 2 - Days 4 thru 7

I am Burfacor, Dragonborn!

A Dragonborn fighter named Burfacor joined the party in the morning of Day 4. The party set out to investigate the nearby river. The River of Chaos is 200 yards wide at its narrowest point making the crossing treacherous. But that doesn’t stop Burfacor from trying. Yet a small scouting party of goblins on a river island stop him with several volleys from their shortbows.

Deciding that the river is not worth investigating, they turn north once again in search of the Caves of Chaos. They come across the tracks of kobolds and followed them to a hidden temple. They recognized the markings of Baphomet decorating the alter and the doors. Theo halted the party after noticing a strange pile of gibs near a glowing symbol of Baphomet. Not to be dissuaded by some blood and gore, Burfacor pushes past Theo and attempts to open the door.

Baphomet is slain by a trap.

Valorand and Tamarity, Party PR and the TOMB OF LIGHTNING

Valorand, a high elf wizard of a foul mind, and Tamarity, a tiefling sorceress searching for true love, arrive in Andergast and join the party. They set out for the Caves of Chaos after a rough introduction. Already Valorand makes a bad impression touring Andergast while Tamarity flirts with the party veterans comparing them to the heroes in her childhood stories.
The party makes progress through the Forest of Chaos and reach a forest clearing. Could this be it? A strange mound… The party investigate and find an underground tomb, but it is trapped with columns of lightning, but they seem to only activate on contact. While scouting Valorand lets loose a bolt of fire into the darkness startling several bats. The party scatter while Valorand focuses on the swarm of nipping bats. A bat touches a column. There’ s a loud bang and Valorand finds himself bleeding out on the cave floor. Just as he thinks things can’t get any worse, a skeleton shoots him with an arrow. But the arrow does not kill him…

Valorand has been slain by internal hemorrhaging.

The rest of the party destroy the skeleton and Theo bravely takes a magic relic from a trapped sarcophagus. They return to the keep with a 3-way split of treasure.


Darksier Darksier

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